Orgo is pleased to announce the Orgo Factory Portal.

Designed to provide factories and reps a centralized platform for collaboration and sharing, this revolutionary system takes your data to the cloud to deliver a simple to use information exchange platform. The Orgo Factory Portal can provide you and your independent rep agencies a better way to work together.

Working with your entire sales team.

You may be familiar with Orgo as a business management system for independent rep agencies. Orgo currently provides rep agencies with tools to help track, measure, and gain insight into the variety of information that flows through their businesses. What you may not be aware of is that during this same time Orgo has also been working with a variety of manufactures to help manage their businesses and share information with their independent reps. The opportunity to work with factories and reps has given us a greater understanding of the challenges each of these groups face. Then it hit us, what if Orgo could provide a simple and easy to use platform that bridged the gap between the two.

We knew there had to be a better way, so we created it.

We are proud to introduce our solution for improving the communication and collaboration between your company and your independent rep agencies. Developed to be a simple to use platform for sharing leads, orders, quotes, and more, the Orgo Factory Portal gives you the opportunity to take a hands on role in your sales process.

Now you can provide a more streamlined way to share the information your rep partners need to encourage a higher level of service and performance.