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Built for Reps, by Reps, the Orgo Sales Engine provides your multi-line rep firm with a powerful suite of tools designed to help you harness the information that flows through your Rep agency and turn it into the power you need to accelerate your business.


 What the heck is a “Sales Engine”?

The Orgo Sales Engine, is in many ways much like the engine that powers your car. It takes fuel and converts it into power. The fuel in this case is all of the information that your business collects and manages. The Orgo Sales Engine is designed to convert this information into knowledge and as the saying goes… knowledge is power.

A solution that is Rep firm ready right out of the box?

Orgo provides reps with a customer relationship management ( CRM ) system that understands the unique business relationships that a rep firm has with its clients and principals. Orgo has been shaped and refined over the past decade by day to day use by hundreds of rep firms. As a result we are able to provide you with a ready to use solution that doesn’t require expensive custom programing just to get something that works the way you need it to.

Managing Quotes Quickly

Quotes can come from a wide variety of sources from dedicated systems like Autoquotes to factory provided .pdf files or spreadsheets. Orgo can handle it all. Once these quotes are fed into the sales engine, they can be viewed by client, distributor, manufacturer, etc. so you can sort and manage quickly.

Assign Actionable To-Do’s

Orgo provides a simple way to keep track of things you need to remember to-do. Our software allows you to link clients, sales reps, and even projects so nothing slips through the cracks. You can even assign to-do’s to other people in your organization and send an email alert with one click saving time and resources.

Insightful Reporting & Analytics

Orgo’s reporting tools are designed to help you see what’s working and those areas in need of improvement. Orgo provides the ability to create and run a nearly endless variety of reports that can be used for recapping activities in factory meetings or internal performance analysis. 

Manage Complex Projects

Managing large more complex projects is also easier in Orgo. Our software gives you the ability to store and connect a wide variety of information that can be associated with these projects, which keeps your focus on closing the sale and maximizing the opportunity.

A sales assistant anytime, anywhere.

Orgo’s cloud based platform provides easy access to the information your team needs. Sales calls are proven to be more efficient and effective when you have all of the client information you need when you need it. Win win. 

Software that’s easy and simple.

Our mission is to make your world simpler, not more complicated. That’s why we have designed features to help streamline the things that can be time consuming and complex. Features like powerful importing tools, that can save countless hours of tedious data entry. Or being able to quickly generate a set of reports in a few of seconds when preparing for that sales meeting.

Track Leads & Close More Opportunities

New leads and opportunities are easy to create and manage in Orgo.
Orgo gives you a simple set of tools to capture, assign, and track these valuable opportunities, so you spend less time on spreadsheets and more time selling. 

Reconcile Sales & Commissions

Tracking your sales and the commissions you’re owed has never been simpler. Orgo Sales Engine gives you the ability to track orders from the PO to the commission check insuring you are receiving the commissions you’ve earned.


Effortless Activity Logs

Activity logs are a great way to measure efficiency in the field. Record notes from a sales call on the spot to reference later. By understanding how your team is distributing their sales call activities, you can understand where your time is best spent or where to focus next.

Importing Made Easy

Our out-of-the-box streamlined importing tools.  Import everything from contact lists, orders and invoices,  commission statements, and of course your, quotes and leads, Orgo can take the information you receive and turn it into usable data at the click of a button without the need for costly programming.