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The next generation of factory/ rep collaboration is here

Introducing the Orgo Factory Portal. Your one stop for factory/rep collaboration.

Orgo is a two way street

Most systems available are adequate for gathering information from your reps, but they rely heavily on compliance. And when sharing that information becomes prohibitive for your reps, the flow of information ceases.

Orgo has a better way.

With the Orgo Factory Portal, Factory/ Rep collaboration is easier than ever. You can share leads and ___ with your reps and in return they give you you information (work on this wording)

Order updates in real time

When you push orders through to your reps with Orgo, Equipping your rep with the information to strengthen their relationship, collateral,


Centralized data portal

factory-rep Leads, quotes, orders/ invoices (streamlines data entry so your reps are free to do more sales activity. Extend your customer support with status updates. Equipping your rep with the information to strengthen their relationship, collateral,

rep-factory lead feedback, quote statuses,

While Orgo has robust CRM capabilities, it’s so much more than that. Orgo can fulfill your CRM needs, while providing the platform for communication you’ve been lacking between you and your reps.

leveraging your sales team

More responsive, better informed, giving your rep the info they need to service customers directly so they can strengthen that customer relationship.

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Visit Orgo at NAFEM to check out what its all about