Want better feedback from your rep partners?

As a manufacturer, you find yourself asking many questions of  your rep partners.

What’s is the status of those show leads?

Did anything come of that quote I sent over?

Are my lines being represented adequately?

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face is getting adequate feedback from your independent rep partners. And it can make you start to question their commitment to your line. But the real challenge is more complicated than that.

Factory Bubble (2).png

As a factory, you interface with many rep firms, and communication with them is pretty straightforward. From your perspective, you send information to your rep partners, and you expect information back from them. Pretty simple.

But the challenge isn’t always the rep’s willingness to communicate with you.

With your current system of communication, you are sending information to your rep partners in likely one of three ways. Via email, a web based system, or a CRM.

With email, you are able to send leads, quotes, orders, and sales collateral effectively enough, but you aren’t automatically updated on the status of these things. And on the rep side, they have to process this information with spreadsheets, data entry into their own systems, and more. It’s effective, but not terribly efficient.

With a web based system, you are able to upload this information and give them a log in so that they can access it over the web. In some cases, they can even update that information for you. But they still have to download the information, process it and log in to your dedicated portal to give you feedback. It streamlines your process, but creates more work on their end.

Then there’s a CRM. These costly systems offer robust client management in office, with the added benefit of connecting to your rep partners, but often require customization to get it to function like you would like it to. Thus requiring your rep partners to have a copy of your specific configuration to update. It’s fancy, but cumbersome.

And none of these systems actually help your rep partners manage their business.

When you consider that each Rep Firm you are communicating with also is communicating with 20 other factories, you start to understand the problem. Managing data over 20 different processes is truly overwhelming, and often requires dedicated staff members just to handle.

There’s a better way.

Factory to rep.png

Enter Orgo.

For years, Orgo has been an industry specific sales engine, built to beautifully manage the nuanced business needs of manufacturers rep agencies. And now, with the Orgo Factory Portal, it takes that one step further. A cloud based portal, built to allow you to seamlessly communicate with your rep partners, and them with you.


Orgo is a centralized hub that interfaces with both factories and rep firms so when you input your data as a factory, it instantly gets distributed to all of your rep firms with the click of a button. And a rep firm can interface with all of their factories in one place. Streamlining this process makes it easier for you to communicate with your team, and easier for them to communicate with you.

Leading to better feedback, better partnerships, and better business.