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Here at Orgo, our mission isn’t just to help you organize your data. Orgo also helps you streamline your sales process so you can make it work for you. We’re passionate about helping your rep agency work more efficiently, freeing up time so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Operate like a business while thinking like a rep.


Orgo is not a normal software company

While yes, it’s true, we do develop and market a software product, we really don’t consider ourselves a traditional software company. By our definition, a “normal” software company is primarily focused on creating software, rather than developing tools to help people do their jobs more effectively. We see ourselves as being in the rep firm performance business, and we happen to have created a pretty cool software system designed to help do that.

Here’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

Orgo began in 2009 when we were faced with a challenge probably not much different than the one you are facing today; finding a good software platform to build our rep firm on. We set out on a mission to find a system that would help us manage and track the information we needed while also giving us the ability to evaluate our sales performance and commissions. But after looking at a wide variety of options, we found ourselves frustrated by the fact that these systems either didn’t understand the way a rep agency worked, or they were too outdated and complicated to really meet our needs.

Then we lost our minds, and decided to create our own. ( How hard could it be right? )

After a couple of years we successfully developed a tool that really helped us get a handle on the information flowing through our agency, and more importantly it enabled us to actually start to run our firm like a business. The ability to generate reports and analyze our performance was a real game changer. Having Orgo in our business arsenal not only provided solid business insight, it brought value to the our rep agency in ways we had never expected. But then we made our next mistake. We started showing our friends at other rep firms what we built, and of course they wanted this for their companies as well. One thing lead to another and we found ourselves in the software business.

Today, we are proud to say we enjoy the opportunity of working with a few hundred rep agencies in wide variety of industries. I guess maybe it’s true what they say about building a better mousetrap.


Your data, centralized & Orgo-nized.

Information comes to you in a wide variety of ways and from an even wider variety of sources. Everything from quote requests, leads, orders, client contacts, sales collateral, and everything in between. If you are like most companies this information can be all over the place. Which may not be a big deal, until you need to put your hands on it. Even something as simple as a list of contacts to send Christmas cards to can be way more time consuming that it needs to be. Orgo puts all your stuff in one place, where you can find it when you need it.

The office at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to the lost spreadsheets and yellow note pads. Because Orgo is cloud based, it can be reached from your devices anywhere at anytime. You no longer need to remember where you left your notes, or what the details of the that PO sitting on your desk are. These things are now at your fingertips. Sales calls are more efficient and effective when you have the information you need when you need it. Win win.


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Who doesn’t like easy and simple

Orgo has been designed to make your world simpler, not more complicated. That’s why we have built Orgo to streamline the things that can be time consuming and complex.

Features like powerful importing tools, that can save countless hours of tedious data entry. Or being able to quickly generate a set of reports in a couple of seconds when preparing for that sales meeting.

Leads & Opportunities

New leads and opportunities are easy to create and manage in Orgo.

Many of the the leads that a rep agency receives can come from a variety of sources.

A phone call, an inquiry from your website, a trade show, and of course leads provided by your principals.

Orgo gives you a simple set of tools to capture, assign, and track these valuable opportunities.

Sales & Commissions

Tracking your sales and the commissions you’re owed has never been simpler.

Orgo provides you with the tools a rep agency needs to track orders from the PO to the commission check.

This feature has proven to be one of the more valuable tools that Orgo provides. We have had many customers tell us that they have captured large amounts of commission dollars that they may not have received if it were not for Orgo.


Quotes can come from a wide variety of sources.

Some quotes are generated by your principals, others you may do internally or maybe you are using a separate software system for quotations.

Orgo can handle it all. By giving you simple to use tools your quotes can be stored right where you need them to be. Orgo organizes your quotes by client and principal and keeps them within easy reach. 

Smarter To-Do’s

Orgo provides a simple way to keep track of things you need to remember to do.

A simple to do list that is connected to the things that they are associated with. Linking clients, sales reps, and even projects to a to-do so nothing slips through the cracks.

Orgo even allows you to assign to-do’s to other people in your organization with one click, no more lost sticky notes.

Reporting & Analytics

Now that you have all your information in one spot, let’s make it work for you.

Orgo’s reporting tools are designed to give you ways of looking at your business in ways you only may have imagined. Now you can look at the big picture to see what’s working and those areas in need of improvement.

Orgo provides the ability to create and run a nearly endless variety of reports


Managing large more complex projects is also easier in Orgo.

Orgo provides a great way to organize large complex projects. Offering the ability to store and connect a wide variety of information that can be associated with these projects, Orgo can help you keep everything organized and also keep you on track as well.

Activity Logs

Activity logs are a great way to measure what you are doing in the field.

Being able to record the notes from a sales call and have them available for reference later is nice, But Orgo also provides some interesting reporting around this information as well.

Understanding how your team is distributing their sales call activities by principle and customer can be a real eye opener.


Data entry made simple, our importing tools can take your spreadsheets and turn them into data at the click of a button.

You can import a wide variety of information, from contact lists to order and invoice statements, quotes, leads, and more. Orgo’s Importing tools are designed to save you time and energy by streamlining the data entry process.


Sound Interesting?

We understand that you have more things to do that shop for a piece of software. And we also have been doing this long enough to know that Orgo may not be exactly right for everyone.

To make sure that we are not wasting your time by taking you thru a demo of a system that may not be right for your business, we suggest the next step is to set up a quick 10 minute phone call and discuss your needs, and determine if Orgo worth investing more time into.

If that sounds fair to you, simply select a time from the available times below and we will take it from there.

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