Our Story

Since 2009, Orgo has been an industry leader in the rep firm performance business. Stemming from a deep understanding of the daily challenges faced by rep firms everywhere, we designed an intuitive software to enhance your operations as a multi-line sales rep – and a Sales Engine was born.

Our software provides a platform to profitably operate your rep firm business by efficiently organizing the many layers of information that is necessary to perform the job. Simply put, your information is the fuel and our software is a high performance engine.

When we first started, we were on a mission to find a system that would help us manage and track the information we needed while also giving us the ability to evaluate our sales performance and commissions. But after looking at a wide variety of options, we found ourselves frustrated by the fact that these systems either didn’t understand the way a rep agency worked, or they were too complicated to really meet our needs. And this still stands today.

The rep business is a complicated, diverse and specialized type of operations – it takes years of learning to understand it and it’s too costly in time and money to adapt an out-of-the-box CRM to handle it.

Our Sales Engine helps you manage the intense amount of information flowing through your agency, and more importantly, it enables you to run your firm efficiently with everything in one system. With Orgo, you have the ability to generate reports and analyze your performance. It provides solid business insight and brings value to your rep agency.

Today, we are proud to work with hundreds of rep agencies in wide variety of industries from hospitality to plumbing.