Orgo Mobile UX – Press Release

Orgo Sales Engine Rep Firm Ready App

Orgo Develops Mobile-Friendly Software Component for Rep Agency Software
Monday, November 9, 2020

Orgo Sales will launch its upgraded mobile UX on November 9, 2020. This rep firm ready Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has digital features that will give reps the opportunity to focus on selling, while the tool does the calculating. Orgo has completed updates on its mobile feature,
which gives manufacturers rep agencies a tool to support high lines of productivity. By adding this feature to the system, gives reps access to information more easily in the field. This feature is being added to all Orgo accounts, new and existing.

The updated mobile UX feature will allow for sales reps to access their database, record a sales call, and quickly input client information out in the field without sitting at a desk or calling the office. With features like real-time reporting, actionable to-do’s, activities, and search, reps firms are now given the opportunity to speed up processes and make sales quicker. There is no better time than now to jump on board with the Orgo digital platform to allow for easier selling and more time to focus on those other facets of the rep world.

Orgo’s CEO, Dave Kisner stated, “Larger enterprise CRM platforms are not designed for multi-line rep agencies, whereas Orgo is ready to be used as soon as it comes out of the box. Orgo’s digital platform understands how rep agencies operate and what features are most helpful in making sales and building relationships, whereas it takes a lot of time and expense to customize enterprise CRMs. If your rep agency needs to perform more efficiently, it makes sense to sign up for a rep agency-specific system that can start working for your company immediately.”

Rep firms that make the switch to Orgo tend to stay with the platform indefinitely, as they find the product to be very beneficial in accomplishing goals in the field and at the office. With structures designed to be affordable for firms both large and small, Orgo Sales software eliminates a great deal of time and frustration that comes along with building rep firm CRM platforms with broad-spectrum enterprise functions. By selecting a rep firm-specific software, the value is immediately evident. Remember, accessibility saves time and money – and you don’t have any to waste.

A free demo that includes Orgo’s most up-to-date digital features is available by signing up for a Free Demo on our website at

Orgo Sales Engine is a manufacturer’s rep software that was built out of necessity of managing a modern rep agency. Orgo set out to create a system that would allow management and organization of resources and projects. Through strategic design and implementation of rep firm specific digital tools and features – Orgo Sales Engine was born. A decade later and hundreds of happy rep agencies later, Orgo finds itself constantly updating to provide the most cutting edge web tool available, including capability to work off its mobile-sized devices.

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