Everyday We Learn Something New…

Blog Post

As a Rep, what gets you up every morning? Is it the ring of the phone, ding of an email or excitement of a sale? Are you passionate about the products you represent and the hospitality industry at large? It’s tough these days to stay focused on what drives us to greatness and beyond. But remember, every day you are out selling, your business is learning something new that can help you in the future.

At Orgo, our passion is much like yours! We are constantly evolving and focused on how we can improve the lives of Reps and grow your businesses. This is what drives us and defines our actions each day. We’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes the past year to listen to our clients and improve our systems for the future.

This week during our Live Learning Session this week, Dave will walk through how to use this important feature of Orgo to grow your business. Also, at the end of the session we are excited to share a Live Demo Sneak Peek of NEW Orgo Mobile! We can’t wait to get this into your hands, and are excited to release the beta version to a select group soon. It may be a different world out there, but some things never change – being prepared, organized and on top of your firm’s data will always set you apart from the competition.