Live Learning 2023 is Here!

Live Learning 2023 is Here!

Our first Live Learning 2023 will be held on Thursday, January 19th, at 1:00 EST. This upcoming session is the perfect chance to get a first look at recent updates that we have made to the Orgo Sales Engine.

We have tailored the content of these sessions with customer feedback, focusing on practical applications and new features like easier quote options for your sales team — allowing you to optimize time efficiency within everyone’s workflow. We will also be diving into how you, as an organization, can use Orgo to address your SPECIFIC requirements.

We strongly encourage you to book time with us for customized post-session training that can be booked via phone or email. Let us show you how well-equipped Orgo is to help rep firms meet your goals in 2023. Start today by planning to join us at 1:00 EST on Thursday, January 19th!

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