Orgo’s Latest Feature: End User Dealer Preference Settings

Be prepared for your next meeting with End Users.

In today’s climate, one thing that we have heard from reps is that they would like to be able to walk into meetings better prepared for any questions from their clients. With that in mind, we added a Dealer Preference category in Orgo.

Knowing a preferred dealer can give you a few advantages:

1. It shows you know the client and remember their preferences. Seems simple, but goes a long way in building trust.

2. Knowing that your client has a preferred vendor gives you the ability to look ahead and see whether the product that is being requested can be fulfilled by the dealer. If not, you then can look for alternative solutions or better information on when it will be available.

3. Another advantage is that there is the ability to have up to two Preferred Dealers, in case you know the client will ultimately want to bid out the order. That way you are ahead of the game before the quoting starts.
4. Lastly, it gives you the opportunity to possibly introduce a NEW solution or advantage by that particular Dealer, if you know of something happening or special sale running in the marketplace at the time of your visit.

By adding Dealer Preferences, you can go into meetings with confidence knowing you’re ready and able to help the client quickly and efficiently.

In the attached video we go over this latest addition to the Orgo Software, as well as some other key issues we have heard from you and addressed.