Orgo’s Helpdesk has a New and Improved Look

Orgo Sales Engine Latest News

The Orgo Sales Engine team is happy to announce the release of our new streamlined Orgo Helpdesk. The updated format reflects our intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly design. Resources have been consolidated to improve accessibility to information and tools for Sales Reps, Management, and Internal Operations.

Orgo for Sales Reps

The new Orgo for Sales Reps section allows users to navigate resources for managing leads, managing to-dos efficiently, finding Mobile UI resources, and more.

Orgo for Management

Orgo for Management builds on the informational assets available to Sales Reps, including importing leads and factory information, providing dealer discount tips and tricks, and a section for managing factory and user commission rates and quotas.

Orgo for Internal Operations, too

The new and improved Helpdesk also provides an easier way for Internal Operations to collect quotes and orders.

Orgo Sales Engine’s goal for the current update of the Orgo helpdesk is the desire to reach a maximum possible level of simplification. Both design and interface were updated, and the new look enables Sales Reps, Management, and Internal Operations to concentrate on the only important thing—customer service. Ahead of the holiday, Orgo Helpdesk users first saw the new and improved look during Orgo’s November Live Learning session.

Do you have an idea how to improve the Orgo Helpdesk?

Don’t hesitate to contact the Orgo Sales Engine team to share any feedback to ensure we continue to serve you well. Also, keep an eye out for improvements and new features in the coming months.

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