Orgo’s Latest Feature: Customized Sales Rep Splits

Keep Track of Time and Money.
We know there are times when multiple reps in your organization will be in touch with a client. While this can be an effective way to manage the client itself, it can also sometimes lead to difficulties tracking who should get paid what on the backend.

With our latest feature, Customized Splits Per Client, you can easily define and keep track of rep splits for both Dealers and End Users in one place.
Whether it is an even split, or something more advanced, with our software all you do is go in and pre-program each client with the reps and assign a percentage.

Each time you add additional information, it will automatically update to reflect the latest changes. This can help motivate sales personnel, as well as allow for sales managers to set expectations and goals easily and efficiently between senior and junior sales associates.

Watch this Live Learning session to learn more about how you can put this to work for you.