Tip Of The Month – June 2020

Tip Of The Month - June 2020

Your Greatest Value to Your Clients Is Not the Products You Represent:

It may seem a little odd to suggest the products you represent is not likely the only reason your customers choose to do business with you, but your clients prefer to work with the reps they get value from. Reps sometimes forget their clients are also being called on by all their competitors, so they are not only making time to hear you out, but they have made time for others as well. The best reps are very conscious of the time they ask of their clients, as they know it is time they are not making for rest of the things they must accomplish in their day. The reps who stand out are the ones who find ways to solve problems for their client. Those who are thinking how can I make your world better vs what do you have for me, are the reps who will stand out. The key is to find ways to better understand your client’s situation and find a way to bring value to it – whether it pertains to your products or not. Start putting yourself in your client’s shoes and focus on becoming the person who they want to work with. Be more interested in helping them reach their goals and not simply focused on your needs. This tactic will strengthen the rep/client relationship without taking much effort. Keep in mind when deciphering your perceived value that it may be found easiest in the services you offer or what you bring to the table as an individual, rather than the product you are offering.