Use data to Strengthen Customer Relationships

As manufacturers’ rep agencies, we are usually the customer-facing people on behalf of the manufacturer. This means we need to be consistently on top of the information domain. Expected to field questions and provide updates, our reputations depend a good deal on how knowledgeable we are and how well we communicate.

Reps that respond frequently with “I don’t know”; “I’m not sure”; or “Let me get back to you” could inadvertently undermine the confidence in the rep firm and possibly by extension the manufacturer. This is particularly true when customers want to know when they can expect delivery of products they’ve ordered. With backorder situations significantly exacerbated by COVID-19, reps can instill confidence and showcase their skills by being quick to respond to customers queries.

Built into Orgo’s Orders Service, reps can not only keep track of their revenue and commissions pipeline, they can also enter and keep track of estimated shipping dates from factories. Specifically, they can track backorders. Watch the video to see how Orgo helps you manage your order shipping information.

By running an Estimated Ship Date Report and putting the information at their fingertips, reps can be responsive to customers asking about delivery of their products. Further, to enhance their trust relationships with their customers, reps can use the report to initiate contact and proactively provide updates and/or check ins with customers with extended lead times to ensure they don’t change their mind or go elsewhere.