Effective Accountability & Orgo’s Quotes Report

Effective Accountability & Orgo's Quotes Report
Leadership and management books alike provide best practices for how to ensure that assigned projects and tasks are completed on time and in budget. While implementing these best practices, however, most sales managers struggle in creating that balance between checking up on their reps’ activities and being perceived as a micromanager.

My experience suggests that well-implemented data management can help strike that balance. The caveat is the modifier: well-implemented. By training your teams to document their activities in cloud-based web applications (in particular, their quotes), managers need not repeatedly pester their reps for information updates. Instead, managers can run activity reports weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly to get a sense of progress and to see where their reps are investing their time.

Having reviewed the existing data, managers can ask educated questions; provide guidance in areas where they identify a need for a rep’s additional attention; or set customer engagement goals. For instance, by observing quote activity, it’s easy for managers to see what factory opportunities are likely to close and which are a waste of time. They can also see whether reps are following through on engagement targets. From a rep’s perspective, their managers are aware of their activities without having to interrupt frequently for status updates.

In the attached video, see how Orgo’s Quotes Report works to give managers a real time snapshot of what their team is doing. The customizable features of this report can provide context by factory, by dealer, and/or by individual rep. How would you use this type of report to implement effective accountability in your organization?